Short and Extended Rests

The thinking behind these Short/Extended Rest revamp is to include ingame mechanical encouragement for the party to push forward instead of opting into combat/ext-rest/combat/ext-rest sequence. DM usually does include some sort of timelimits or penalties for slugging, but there is an inherent conflict between those timelimits and party’s desire to Ext Rest often to make further challenges trivial.
These homerules make it easier for everyone to justify pushing forward instead of resting. They revolve around making milestones really attractive.

Daily power mechanic revamp:

  • After Extended Rest, instead of regaining all of his Daily Powers, PC gains single “Daily attack power usage token” and single “Daily utility power usage token”. He can use those to fire one of his daily (attack/utility) powers, chosen at use.
  • PC gains extra single “Daily attack power usage token” and single “Daily utility power usage token” at every milestone.
  • PC cannot use Daily powers he already used this day, even if he has corresponding tokens.

There can be a variant to this rule which denies repeatable Daily usage only within given encounter, but some daily resource-replenishing powers do not fit very well into it. Still, it is an option to consider – it is fun for PCs to fire their favorite Daily Kaboom several times during adventuring day.

“Adrenaline Rush” Action Point rule:

  • First time PC becomes bloodied during given encounter, he regains his ability to use Action Point during this encounter if he already had used an Action Point during this encounter.

Note, this ability does not grant an actual Action Point to use; It just allows PC to use a second AP during given encounter if he already possesses it.

Optional Infinite Day rule:

  • Every milestone every PC gains a Healing Surge up to his maximum possible amount.

Optional Everyone is an Artificer rule.
This one is a bit clunky and requires more thinking put into it, as it works sorta unintended with resource-replenishing items like Dwarven Armor.

  • Every milestone every PC has one of his daily item powers replenished.

Short and Extended Rests

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